The Color Report is Here! [design.]

As an artist who dabbles in clothing design (and who has been hand-dyeing fabric for over ten years), I can’t help but notice how all the colors are paired in my environment. In fact, I automatically stick them into palettes in my mind. This happens everywhere for me, whether I’m at the grocery store, at a restaurant or café, driving, or at a friend’s house. I am a serious color dork and I can’t help it. Sometimes I even take photos if I want to make sure I will remember.

Imagine my delight then, when Pantone releases their Fashion Color Report each spring and fall. I so look forward to this! The Fashion Color Report is dropped just as New York’s Fashion Week begins. Right now, we are in the midst of Fashion Week (it began on February 9th and goes through the 16th) – and on the 9th I got my email from Pantone with the big news featuring THE colors for Fall 2012.

Although I do considerably enjoy giving some of my attention and appreciation to what the designers are showing, I don’t take Fashion Week TOO seriously. And I don’t rely on Pantone to tell me what colors I should be wearing either. I generally stick to my own style and color palette, but it IS definitely a pleasure for me to take note of these trends and colors (and some of them DO make it into my wardrobe, usually as pops of color). It’s all in good fun!

But these colors don’t have to be represented only by fashion; they can also be seen in home design and even food (after all, this fall’s Tangerine Tango, Honey Gold, and French Roast were obviously inspired by yummy things to eat and drink). I can guarantee that once you observe this palette of colors for fall, you WILL begin to notice them everywhere you go. Just wait and see!

1. Titanium straw – what a great idea! 2. I really want this coat. 3. Not a fan of most pinks, but I’m loving the shades of these cute little dresses. 4. This blouse from J. Crew is beautifully designed. 5. Lavender tea cakes = rhapsody. 6. LOVE these handmade travel bags! 7. Blue is one of my least favorite colors, but these stilettos are way too much fun to pass up. 8. Love the grey and chartreuse combo. 9. This handmade leather watch is so cool. 10. I enjoy this pink in very small amounts. This pillow is perfect.

Be well and enjoy,


PS. Next week: New York Fashion Week Favorites!


One thought on “The Color Report is Here! [design.]

  1. Afraid my dork colors are showing too: Dharma has something like 12 new shades of dye this year in this palette and they are amazing!

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