Spring Shrooms.

The best mushroom ever…

Morel mushrooms at my local food co-op. April 2011.

I am deliriously tired and dreaming of pasta with morels. Therefore this week’s post will remain short and sweet! Tell me what you make with morels – I’d like to hear other ideas (vegetarian, preferably). Do you go out and pick them yourself?




One thought on “Spring Shrooms.

  1. I’m so embarassed to say… I hate them. I love mushrooms. I love the hunt for these little treasures. Maybe it’s the time I saw hundreds of pillbugs pour out of one, I don’t know, but I do not like them one bit. Instead, I’m making jars of fermented vegetables in prep for 28 days of elimination diet/cleanse.
    HowEVAH, if I was gonna eat some morels, I certainly would include creme fraiche and probably eggs. If you enjoy the flavor, simple=best and sautee in your oil of choice.
    (I feel like a bad Mitteneer)

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