Excuses, Excuses. Then, a Great New Product.

Sorry. I’ve been so busy this past month that I’ve ignored this blog for 3 weeks in a row! I work a full time job in something completely unrelated to art, design, love, or food, and so I usually write this blog on the weekends. But the month of May proved to be very eventful for me, and I say this on a positive note. I had guests one weekend for a foodie extravaganza, and then the following weekend I spent time getting my container garden planted (more on that soon). Last weekend I took a trip to upstate New York for a wedding, and now…whaddya know? It’s suddenly June!

In my last post, I professed my love for local farmers markets and how fabulous the market near me is. I have been there every Saturday (except for the weekend I was in NY) and that has taken up my time as well. Not only do you spend that time picking out your produce and goodies and running into friends (so wonderful!), but when you get home you need to wash and put them away properly and then efficiently plan what you’ll be doing with what you bought. This requires research for the items you bought that you were curious about but have never prepared before, or perhaps digging out that favorite recipe that might call for a few ingredients you don’t have on hand. In any case, good food takes time and I happily dedicate mine. So forgive me for not being consistent with this “weekly” blog. I will try to keep it coming every seven days, but sometimes my life outside of the web will have to take precedence.

Now. On to something very exciting in the world of design! I stumbled across a relatively new product that I have been meaning to get for some time. I find supporting small businesses and companies that sell genuinely good products very fulfilling. It makes me happy. So I’m pleased to spread the word on the Cuppow! The Cuppow is a plastic drinking gadget that replaces the seal of a canning jar. It was designed by two guys from Massachusetts.

I use canning jars for everything from storing dry goods in my pantry to transporting lunches to work. And yes, I also drink from them and have taken them in the car as a travel mug. But I didn’t like opening them in the car with the chance of my tea spilling out. So this innovative product is going to fix this little problem for me and make my life easier!

The Cuppow is recyclable, BPA-free, affordable, and made in the U.S.A. Yes, yes, yes, and YES! Plus, their pals did the packaging design (also recyclable) of which I think is so so clever. Love the colors, the lettering, the instructions. Love it. I also think this video is well done, and markets this product so effectively.

If you use a Cuppow or buy one soon, let me know what you think! As far as I know, they are only available on their website.




One thought on “Excuses, Excuses. Then, a Great New Product.

  1. I see the purchase of one of these in the near future! I use canning jars for everything as well and even try to find the vintage blue ones at garage sales, no luck yet 😦 I wish our Farmers Market here was better. They allow vendors to truck in food from Mexico, it irritates me. I’m just patiently waiting for tomato season, yum 🙂

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