Happy Earth Day.

I had a mindful and reflective day today.

I spent the morning meditating, and it felt very gratifying.

I took an interesting tour of a local creamery and learned of their practices as well as where they source their ingredients (local farmers!).

I made a delicious vegan meal from some of the items I bought from the farmers market yesterday and I ate it consciously. It was quite enjoyable to take my time, savour each bite, and consider the flavors and textures in my mouth.

I have been thinking about the Earth – what I already do to help and protect it, and what things I can add and improve upon.

I am excited to plant my container garden this year and have been thinking about it for much of the day.

I feel grateful today that Earth Day is an official holiday that we have been celebrating for 42 years.

I give thanks to the Earth for all it has given me and I hope, through my continuous research and education, that my footprint will become smaller and smaller.

I wish you a Happy Earth Day.

Be Well,