Helsinki’s Fabulous Street Style.

Need some fashion inspiration? Like looking at photos? Like people watching? Need another site to distract you from your work besides (some of my favorites) The Sartorialist, Pinterest, foodgawker, and Etsy?

[Yes, please!!!]

I have the perfect solution for you. Check out Hel Looks! Created by Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen in 2005, it’s a faaaabulous fashion blog featuring the street style of people in Helsinki. It’s SO cool. I could look at it for hours. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite fashion blogs ever. The people on this blog have the most intriguing and unique looks. Love, love, love the expression! Creativity galore! One aspect I especially enjoy about Hel Looks is getting to read about the personal story behind each look. Next to each photo is the pictured person’s name, age, what they’re wearing, and their inspirations. Here is an example, taken from my [beloved] iPhone:

I have been crazy-busy this week and am exhausted. We have family obligations today and this week, so I will keep this post short today. But I hope you take some time to take a peek at this engaging blog. Cool, cool, cool!!

Be Well (and creative),