Gimme It.

I have a Pinterest account. Yep. I am one of those gals who “pins” images to categorized boards online (but please don’t call me a “pinner” – that’s annoying. I’m not in a club). When I see something online that inspires me with creative ideas, I want to save it. Before Pinterest came along, I’d drag images on to my computer’s desktop with the intention of putting them into well-organized folders for later. Mmm-hmm. Yeah. Never happened. I just ended up with a pile of photos in folders called “random,” “misc.,” and “stuffilike.” Messy. With Pinterest, I have several boards that are nicely organized into all the categories I care about. For example, I have a board called “Kitchen Love” which features fun and exciting ideas for the kitchen of my dreams that I plan to have in the future. Yep. I also have a board called, “Spaces,” containing photos that evoke feelings of relaxation, creativity, and happiness for me in and around the home (something that is so, so important to me). And of course I have a fashion board called, “Style Please,” showing how eclectic I truly am (it depends on my mood – I am a moody Scorpio, FYI). Oh, and I cannot forget “Food [Snob?].” This shows all the delicious food I’ll be making someday in my incredible dream kitchen. Dinner parties!

One of my favorite boards I have, however, is the one called, “Gimme.” It has no cohesiveness. Not really. It is just a pile of photos of things I find fabulous. Only on Pinterest, it’s more organized by default…and I can find the photos again! So, when I find something online that I think is pretty great, but doesn’t really fit into my other categories, I stick it into “Gimme.” Because I am not dreaming or planning for anything in this category. I simply think I should have it. Not that I’ll necessarily get it. Gimme gimme never gets. Right?

Maybe I’ll rename it “Please?”.

Take a look at “Gimme.” and all my other Pinterest boards here.



PS. The above photo is currently my very favorite photo on “Gimme.” I would love to have these lovely little wooden birds from West Elm. They just make me happy.